Our Spinal Champion program provides much needed relief from the emotional and physical challenges that spinal patients face. We are pioneering patient support initiatives that bring together spinal patients, allowing them to share their experiences, offer support, and find strength and comfort in others who are battling similar challenges.
Spinal Champion: a person who has achieved an improved quality of life through treatment for neck or back pain.

The moment you step foot into one of our Center of Excellence, their team will work collaboratively to support you in achieving the goal of becoming a Spinal Champion. Join the We’ve Got Your Back campaign and celebrate with others by participating in our national race, featuring a 5K and a 1 mile fun run/walk!

SpineTale: an inspirational story of a Spinal Champion, from both the patient and the clinical perspective.

We love to hear from our Spinal Champions – your stories will inspire, teach, and provide hope for others currently suffering from similar conditions. No story is too small; each journey to recovery is equally powerful and helps build awareness and hope. Celebrate your success while inspiring others and share your story!